Malvan - A Land of Warriors

Malvan is a place that has lots to offer. Enjoy a dip in the ocean and play in the waves of the safe Malvan beach, walk down the alleys of history at the Sindhudurg Sea Fort, go Snorkelling to explore the underwater treasures, be amazed at the beauty of the rock gardens and savour the world famous Malvani cuisines during your holidays.

Malvan offers the unique opportunity of exploring underwater aquatic life and rockscapes. Malvan is the only place in Maharashtra where you can indulge yourself in the adventire of S.C.U.B.A Diving.

There are also some exotic islands off the coast here. The Niwti rocks is one of the beautiful rocky island here apart from the lighthouse island with a beautiful beach. Dolphin point is a spot where you wont spot a dolphin only if you are unlucky!!

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Sindhudurg Fort

The main attraction in Malvan apart from the beaches is the famous sea fort of Shivaji - The Sindhudurg fort. The ferry to visit the Sindhudurg fort is available from the Malvan jetty which is just two kms from the Malvan town.

A Fort after which the district was named Sindhudurg fort is the most prominent landmark of this region. Built between 1664-67 AD by Shivaji maharaj, the Sindhudurg fort has it foundation laid on molten lead. One of the best preserved sea forts Sindhudurg fort has a four kms long rampart with 42 bastions.

Shivaji’s palm prints and footprints are preserved in Sindhudurg Fort on dried lime slabs in a tower. Shivrajeshwar Temple built in the honour of Shivaji is also there on the Fort. SCUBA diving and water sports is organized near the fort now.

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Located just off the main attractions and far more crowded destinations in Malvan, Tondavali is a secluded beach alongside the Kalaval creek. Kalaval creek gives Tondavali an air similar to Kerala with backwaters and the sea coming together alongwith swaying coconut palms.


Tarkarli shot into fame after M.T.D.C started the beach resort in Tarkarli and declared Tarkarli as one of the premiere beach destination in Maharashtra. The backwaters of Karli river running almost parallel to the Tarkarli beach imparts Tarkarli an almost surreal beauty.


Devbaug, which literally translates to 'Gods Garden' truely lives upto its name. A beautiful piece of land jutting out of the mainland with the Karli back waters on one side and Arabian sea on the other Devbaug is a beautiful piece of land. Karli backwaters meets the Arabian sea at the 'sangam'.